We are the only company licensed to apply
AGS Beers Criteria® and StoppStart® Criteria.

Developed to review medication appropriateness for older patients with multiple morbidities.

CSIS Health has an exclusive commercial partnership with the American Geriatrics Society (AGS)
to deliver the first electronic version of the AGS Beers Criteria®.


Unnecessary Prescribing in the US

3rd Biggest Killer

Costs $200billion

280,000 deaths

Our technology prevents harmful and unnecessary prescribing, leading to costly Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) and avoidable hospitalization.


Medication Review Solutions

Make evidence based best practice prescribing recommendations in accordance withAGS Beers Criteria® and StoppStart® Criteria.
Developed to review medication appropriateness for older patients with multiple morbidities and polypharmacy.
Improving patient care by identifying harmful or unnecessary medications which can cause preventable ADEs and hospital admissions.

Patient history analyzed, demographics, medications, conditions/disease, lab results etc.

Over 90 prescribing rules validated by a 13-member panel of experts in geriatric care and pharmacotherapy in the US using the Delphi process.

Over 100 prescribing rules with validated by a panel of 19 experts in geriatric care and pharmacotherapy across 13 European countries using the Delphi process.

Class 1 Medical Device

CSIS Health technology integrates with existing clinical systems across all healthcare settings.

American Geriatric Society

In 2016, CSIS partnered with the American Geriatric Society (AGS) to develop the first and only licensed electronic application ofAGS Beers Criteria®. The partnership is focused on providing clinicians and health care organizations with decision support technology that instantly efficiently reviews patient records for prescribing appropriateness.


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What makes us different

Review of patient full medical record, current and historic

Optimizing prescribing across the healthcare continuum

Focuses on multiple chronic conditions not just single conditions

Makes prescribing recommendations not high level warnings

Identifies important missing drug treatments

Fast efficient reliable polypharmacy review

Medication Review Solutions

AGS Beers Criteria® andStoppStart® Criteria are the most widely accepted explicit criteria for reviewing older patient’s medication treatments.

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